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Adult Personals seeking that serendipitous moment I Am Search Sex Tonight

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Adult Personals seeking that serendipitous moment

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Lately, I have been forced to wonder whatever happened to meeting someone the old fashioned way.

Adult Personals seeking that serendipitous moment I Look For Sex Hookers

Totally kidding! I, for one, have never met anyone in a bar because to be honest, I am not all that friendly to strangers. Needless to say, dating is not my forte, but I am here to talk about it with all of you anyway!

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Here we go…. I come from the school of high school sweethearts and hometown love; love by way of fate and happenstance.

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I dated my high school sweetheart for over seeiing years after I mustered up the courage to leave a note on his car after a baseball game, and I suppose I have expected the same type of innocence ever. As reality sets in, though, I am beginning to feel like a lone wolf. Like many adult Personals seeking that serendipitous moment you, I have been seriously contemplating what love has come to these days.

When we take a step back, it would seem that we now live in a world in adult Personals seeking that serendipitous moment we pay professional matchmakers to help us find love, eeeking every flavor of online dating site one could think of is accessible at the click of a button and for which love is also seen as entertainment by way of reality shows for meeting your significant. Friends, are we experiencing the death of true love and soulmates?

The popular theory used to be that there naughty doctor jokes one person for everyone and when the time was right, that person would find their way into your life.

Our one true love would be the person who is drawn to us for everything that we are and in spite of the things that we are not. It may sound cheesy, but most adulr my friends have happened upon their soulmates in a way that really does restore your faith in fate.

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But, as I take a broader look, I wonder if these stories are becoming less prevalent. It seems we are turning into a society that has traded in fairy tale endings and fate for the science of love. I wonder if all of the sudden, an equation for happiness exists girls sex Hialeah we are each supposed to be solving.

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As we look around, we quickly realize love means big business; matchmaking is taking its turn as a cultural phenomenon. Professional matchmakers are now New York Times bestsellers with titles like Get The Guyauthors of advice blogs and columns and leaders of multi-million dollar agencies that help people find love every day.

I Want Swinger Couples Adult Personals seeking that serendipitous moment

You are building a brand- makeup, clothes, the vocabulary you use home swingers tumblr you are your own brand.

Build my own adult Personals seeking that serendipitous moment That just seems like a great deal of work for something that is believed, by some, to be largely handled by fate. Do I moent have to market myself like the latest fashion concept? Or a matchmaker…. Another crazy concern I have?

'Fate brought us together': three stories of serendipitous love | Opinion | The Guardian

What if I horny wives in stockings actually not spontaneous? If I am not a fly-by-the-seat of my pants type of girl, I doubt I want to convince someone that I am, only to have adult Personals seeking that serendipitous moment person fall in love with the woman I am not.

Certainly, there are those who need help in the love department and I may very well be one of those individuals.

There is no serendippitous they have successfully helped thousands, probably millions, of couples find their happily ever after and that just may be the greatest gift you can give.

The truth is, the logical part of my brain understands fighting serendipitosu love; sometimes you absolutely have to create your own ending. When you adult Personals seeking that serendipitous moment even the greatest of fairy tales, you see not everything was left to fate, as evidenced in one of my favorite quotes….

The Love Equation: Where Has All The Serendipity Gone? - HelloGiggles

Still, when we consider all sides, there is a fine line between fighting for love and creating it, no? Charming loved Cindy even when her personal brand screamed more cleaning service than strong, kind souled princess at heart.

Overall, I suppose I have always been a hopeless romantic, as old fashioned or outdated as that may be. I am a girl in love with the love that the greatest stories ever told are rooted in. Paul loved Holly Golightly because of how absurd she was and they were magnetic.

Nobody created the attraction that Harry and Sally finally gave into and if Jack and Rose, a couple that epitomized soulmateshad a matchmaker, he or she seekinh would have ratted them out to Cal before the two could have ignited that famous spark.

I hold out hope that we have not seen the death of fate and soulmates, one person for everyone and love at first sight; serendipity as they say.

Adult Personals seeking that serendipitous moment

My wish is that there is still a little John Cusak in all of us. So, what is the consensus, Gigglers?

Are we strategically giving our hearts away or still allowing them to be stolen in those serendipitous moments? Home Lifestyle The Love Equation: Katie Patton April 30, 5: FB Twitter ellipsis More. By Katie Patton. Popular in Lifestyle.

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