How to say “I’m drunk” in Spanish and other alcohol related vocabulary

There are more than a few different ways to say “I”m drunk” in Spanish and this interesting & useful video from Butterfly Spanish teaches you all of them. It includes common ones like Estoy Borracho (I am drunk) to over variations like being typsy or buzzed. You’ll also learn some common words like Wine and Beer in Spanish to round out all of your alcohol related vocabulary. If you liked this video then also check out dating vocabulary for Spanish.

How to learn proper Spanish pronunciation of words and letters

When you’re a Spanish beginner it can be very useful to master how to properly pronounce the words and individual letters that are different in Spanish and English pronunciation. This video covers all the basics that you’ll need to know to start properly forming the sounds that will help you to be understood when speaking Spanish. If you like this video you might also want to learn the Spanish alphabet. You can subscribe to Spanish101 here.

Beginner questions using dating and romance or intercambio as lesson focus

This video from Learn Spanish with Salo, who you should follow, introduces a wide range of beginner and ‘getting to know you’ questions in Spanish. Things like ‘where are you from’ and ‘what are you studying’ are covered along with a few more detailed questions. This lesson is designed for dating & romance but many of these questions you’ll use in the classroom or especially if you try to find a language exchange or intercambio partner to practice Spanish. If you’re having trouble with sentences, then you can try to learn how to use hacer and decir verbs in Spanish.