“Extra” is a TV sitcom made for learning Spanish – Episode 1

If you’re looking to mix up your Spanish learning then you can watch this series called “Extra” or “Extr@”. It was made to be a sort of “Friends-like” TV sitcom that uses simple vocabulary and a mix of native speakers + new arrival (Sam) who is himself learning Spanish. It was originally targeted towards the education classroom market so don’t expect anything too exciting. But you might get a kick of the lame sitcom style enough to pay attention and learn some of the language they use. You can subscribe to their videos here or read more about the show on wikipedia. If this isn’t your style then here’s a different way for more experienced learners to practice.

How to pronounce Spanish words & sounds to speak properly

One way to stand out from your Spanish classmates is with proper pronunciation. This video lesson from Butterfly Spanish (who should subscribe to here) will help you to speak properly by making the correct word sounds.  The lesson focuses on cognates, which are words that have the same origin but that have expanded and changed over time as they went into different related languages like English, French, Portuguese and other romance languages. The lesson also covers how some of these things can be used also to improve your spelling or writing in Spanish. If you are a higher level than a beginner, then you may also be interested in this advanced video for Spanish pronunciation.

Learn Spanish with Music first & second person verbs with Jesse & Joy ‘Corre’

Learning Spanish with music is a great way to keep yourself interested and motivated to learn. Plus you get a lot of cultural nuance as well as more ‘real-life’ or informal language use than you normally can get from a textbook. This lesson uses Jesse & Joy’s song “Corre” covers some of the basics of first & second person verb conjugations as well as direct object pronouns. You can also learn more with Jesse & Joy Irse or you can subscribe to their videos here.

How to use hacer and decir in Spanish (to do and to say)

In this video lesson you’ll learn how to use some essential Spanish verbs – hacer, which is to do or to make and decir, to say or to tell. If you like this video then you may want to watch lesson one that features the beginner verbs of ser, estar (to be) and haber (to have). If you can learn all the forms of these essential verbs then you should be well on your way to expressing a huge variety of ideas. You can subscribe to their videos here.

Spanish podcast on youtube with native speaker

This is actually a podcast that is also posted on youtube. This can be useful if you’re at work to put on in the background while you’re doing something else. In this episode they cover some travel vocabulary that you might use on a vacation – like to go, to walk, to go for drinks, see a film and other activities that you might do on a trip to Spain. The host is from Britain and he matches to a co-host who is a native Spanish speaker from Spain. You can find their other episodes here. You can also find some other useful travel vocabulary in this lesson.